In the world of DNA, oh so small,
Long-read sequencing stands tall.
With a single glance, we can see,
The secrets hidden deep within our DNA.

Haplotypes, once a mystery,
Now easily phased with precision and accuracy.
Single-base resolution, oh so fine,
Methylation patterns, now all in a line.

Structural variants, no longer a guess,
Repeat expansions, now easily addressed.
With long-read sequencing, we have the key,
To unlock the secrets of our DNA.

A brighter future, full of possibilities,
Thanks to long-read sequencing, our new realities.
Gone are the days of imprecision,
Long-read sequencing, our new precision.

Prompt: Write a poem about the benefits of long-read DNA sequencing, written by Dr. Seuss.
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Prompt: A portrait of Graham as a rockstar in the 70s, pencil drawing
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Prompt: An oil painting of a tree with a DNA double helix as its bough, and leaves of cancer tumors.
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