In the land of Genopolis, both near and far,
Lived creatures called Sequencers, peculiar they are!
With their fancy machines, and their colorful flair,
They read DNA with precision and care.

One day in the lab, as the sun began to rise,
A new challenge emerged, quite a surprise!
For short reads were common, as they'd come to know,
But long reads, my friend, would steal the show.

"Long-read sequencing," said Dr. Seuss with a grin,
"Will let us explore the genome's every nook and cranny within!"
So they gathered their tools, and they prepared for the quest,
To unravel the secrets that long reads digest.

In a dance of science, they all twirled around,
As they loaded their samples and stood their ground.
The sequencers hummed, with a rhythmic beat,
As they read through the stretches where short reads retreat.

They ventured through regions, so complex and knotty,
Navigating through repeats, where short reads were spotty.
With a skip and a hop, and a Seussian rhyme,
Long-read sequencing made sense of DNA, one stretch at a time.

As the day turned to night, and the moon shone above,
The creatures marveled at the findings that long reads would prove.
From structural variants to novel gene fusions they'd find,
Long-read sequencing had opened the doors, and expanded their minds.

So, in the land of Genopolis, a tale they would tell,
Of the day that long reads had cast their spell.
In the style of Seuss, we've shared this delight,
The tale of sequencing, that's taken flight.

Prompt: Write a poem about long-read DNA sequencing, in the style of by Dr. Seuss.
via ChatGPT (GPT-4)

Prompt: A portrait of Graham as a rockstar in the 70s, pencil drawing
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Prompt: An oil painting of a tree with a DNA double helix as its bough, and leaves of cancer tumors.
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